Butterflying Hobby: My Life List Taxonomy

Organizing nature into its many trees and branches is called “taxonomy.” This science of classification is highly addicting, especially for someone like me who finds the organization process entirely therapeutic. While I am a naturalist who loves to collect photographs of virtually all life, my real passion is for butterflies. I recently began posting someContinue reading “Butterflying Hobby: My Life List Taxonomy”

Butterflying Hobby: Papilioninae Subfamily #3 (Troidini Tribe):

This is my final of three posts in the Papilioninae Subfamily (Papilionidae Family) broken down by Tribe: Papilionini Tribe: Total 13 Leptocircini Tribe: 9 Troidini Tribe: 2 Within the Troidini Tribe, there are twelve genera: AtrophaneuraBattusByasaCressida EuryadesLosariaOrnithopteraPachliopta (1) ParidesPharmacophagusTrogonopteraTroides (1) To date, I have captured only 2 species from this vast tribe, both with anContinue reading “Butterflying Hobby: Papilioninae Subfamily #3 (Troidini Tribe):”

Butterflying Hobby: Papilioninae Subfamily #2 (Leptocircini Tribe)

I’m breaking my Swallowtails sightings from the Papilioninae Subfamily (Papilionidae Family) down into three groupings by tribe, of which there are three: Papilionini Tribe: Total 13 Leptocircini Tribe: 9 Troidini Tribe: 2 Within the Leptocircini Tribe, there are nine genera: EurytidesGraphium (Paranticopsis) (7)IphiclidesLamproptera (2)Meandrusa MimoidesProtesilausProtographiumTeinopalpus To date, I have captured 7 from this tribe inContinue reading “Butterflying Hobby: Papilioninae Subfamily #2 (Leptocircini Tribe)”

Butterflying Hobby: Papilioninae Subfamily #1 (Papilionini Tribe)

Just as it’s difficult for me to choose a favorite butterfly, it’s difficult for me to choose how to share them on my site. For my Swallowtails at least (those within the Papilionidae Family), I’m breaking all of my sightings down into tribes, of which there are three: Papilionini Tribe: Total 13 Leptocircini Tribe: 9Continue reading “Butterflying Hobby: Papilioninae Subfamily #1 (Papilionini Tribe)”

LEGO: An Ice Fishing Story

It’s been bitterly cold this week here in Minnesota. Sunday morning gave us -19° and I’m grateful our car even started to get us to church. Otherwise, we’ve been stuck indoors. When I’m not researching and writing, I’m taking a break with the kids and LEGOs. This past year, we tried fishing in the rivers,Continue reading “LEGO: An Ice Fishing Story”

Bird Drawing Hobby: Pileated Woodpecker

On my Life List, the Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) is my #370. In my bird-drawing repertoire, it’s my fifth. I’ve got some catching up to do. I chose this particular species because I first saw it on my older brother’s property, and he and his wife had gifted me the drawing book and Micron pensContinue reading “Bird Drawing Hobby: Pileated Woodpecker”

Bird Drawing Hobby: Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus)

I can’t recall ever seeing this bird at any point before this Spring, when my family happened upon him while hiking south of Rockford, IL. The bright red and white colors on his breast reminded me more of the tropical birds we see on our island in China than something from the Midwest. The birdContinue reading “Bird Drawing Hobby: Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus)”

Bird Drawing Hobby: Eastern Towhee (Pipilio erythrophthalmus)

I’ve seen this bird my whole life but never really sat down to study it. It’s in the New World Sparrows family, but you’d never mistake him for a sparrow. Since this was my first time photographing it, I consider it #392 on my Life List. It’s got a fairly unique call deep in theContinue reading “Bird Drawing Hobby: Eastern Towhee (Pipilio erythrophthalmus)”

Bird Drawing Hobby: Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis)

I first saw this migratory bird in May at the Seward Bluffs Forest Preserve in Winnebago County, IL. I shot a few pics from quite a distance, but it was an overcast day and the canopy was pretty thick by then, so proper lighting was lacking. Still, I got enough detail to conform the ID,Continue reading “Bird Drawing Hobby: Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis)”

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