Reading Hobby: Top 5 Survival Books

I’ve been writing book reviews since 2011, but I’ve been reading books a whole lot longer than that. One of my all-time favorite genres is the true survival story—man against nature—and these are my top five favorites. #5 The History of the Donner Party by C.F. McGlashan (1880) You know about the Donner Party. YouContinue reading “Reading Hobby: Top 5 Survival Books”

Reading Hobby: An Impromptu Library

Ever since we evacuated our home and left our belongings in Asia eleven months ago, we have been making do with temporarily rebuilding our lives from thrift stores and whatnot. We’ve lived off savings, purchasing things that we can use until we leave, things we don’t mind giving up at the drop of a hat.Continue reading “Reading Hobby: An Impromptu Library”

LEGO Hobby: A Library Story

Is there anything more relaxing than organization? Not for me. Even if I’m sitting on a beach, I don’t want to just sit there with my thoughts while my bald scalp burns. I’d much rather gather all the shells and pile them up into types, sizes, or colors. Books are exactly the same. Oh, toContinue reading “LEGO Hobby: A Library Story”

Reading Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

I’m a heavy reader. Ever since I took part in the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program in elementary school where students could get paid in pizza for reading so many books, I’ve been a book hound. Reading is, perhaps, my oldest hobby of all, and it is absolutely the only hobby that I know willContinue reading “Reading Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

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