Reading Hobby: Top 5 Survival Books

I’ve been writing book reviews since 2011, but I’ve been reading books a whole lot longer than that. One of my all-time favorite genres is the true survival story—man against nature—and these are my top five favorites. #5 The History of the Donner Party by C.F. McGlashan (1880) You know about the Donner Party. YouContinue reading “Reading Hobby: Top 5 Survival Books”

Short Story Writing Hobby: “Before I Wake, 02: Jakob”

Jakob kept his one good eye focused on the naked yellow bulb which hung high above his chair. His breath in the frozen air climbed up like a column of smoke towards the dull orb. The bulb did little to lighten the room, but it beamed hope into Jakob’s heart. Five minutes had passed sinceContinue reading “Short Story Writing Hobby: “Before I Wake, 02: Jakob””

Short Story Writing Hobby: “Before I Wake, 01: Simon”

“It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment.”But not immediately. Simon Bowfield had been dead for almost eighteen hours by the time he boarded the bus and paid his fare. He nodded at the driver, but said nothing. By now the gasses forming inside his quickly decaying body might easilyContinue reading “Short Story Writing Hobby: “Before I Wake, 01: Simon””

Short Story Writing Hobby: “Before I Wake” Series Introduction

Angels and demons—I know I believe in them, but I’m not entirely certain of the details of those beliefs. The Word of God is clear in some areas, but silent in so many more. This ongoing series of short stories is an exploration of possibilities based on the facts, the many occurrences of demon possessionContinue reading “Short Story Writing Hobby: “Before I Wake” Series Introduction”

Poetry Hobby: “Where I’m From”

You may have heard of George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From” (1999), or perhaps the “I am From Project” which offers a Mad-Lib format of the same as a means for people to introduce themselves. A professor in my doctoral program assigned this project to us in lieu of the standard introductory paragraphs, andContinue reading “Poetry Hobby: “Where I’m From””

Reading Hobby: An Impromptu Library

Ever since we evacuated our home and left our belongings in Asia eleven months ago, we have been making do with temporarily rebuilding our lives from thrift stores and whatnot. We’ve lived off savings, purchasing things that we can use until we leave, things we don’t mind giving up at the drop of a hat.Continue reading “Reading Hobby: An Impromptu Library”

LEGO Hobby: A Library Story

Is there anything more relaxing than organization? Not for me. Even if I’m sitting on a beach, I don’t want to just sit there with my thoughts while my bald scalp burns. I’d much rather gather all the shells and pile them up into types, sizes, or colors. Books are exactly the same. Oh, toContinue reading “LEGO Hobby: A Library Story”

Game Design Hobby: Dice Football

Dice AND football!? What could be better? Now this is a technical, note-taking, stat-tracking game which I designed cuz I’m a football-loving nerd. I’ve made adjustments so I can play entire Green Bay Packer seasons, tracking offensive stats all the way, but I can also play it simply as “Team A” vs. “Team B.” It’sContinue reading “Game Design Hobby: Dice Football”

Game Design Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

The Good Lord blessed me with creative siblings who could invent a new game with just five minutes and a bag of garbage in hand. In fact, one of my brothers once told me that he longed to be stranded on a desert island just so he could use coconuts and rocks to design newContinue reading “Game Design Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

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