Journaling Hobby: Daily Journal Styles to Try

As mentioned in Elliot’s Introduction, I have been journaling daily since college, though I experimented long before that. Over the years, I’ve tried many different styles of journaling, and in this post I’ll take you through some of my favorites. The Necessities: Date and Location. No matter the style, I thinks it’s important to alwaysContinue reading “Journaling Hobby: Daily Journal Styles to Try”

Journaling Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

Journaling Since Childhood I have been a lifelong journal-junkie. I can blame my awesome mother who assigned me writing assignments from the minute I began homeschooling in second grade, but I’d rather blame the typewriter I found in someone’s garbage in first grade. Hmmm. Dumpster-diving. Perhaps I did have some great hobbies growing up! SoContinue reading “Journaling Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

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