Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, November 2020

When the year came to a close, I was a bit bummed that my 2020 digging season in WI/MN/IN had closed for good. But the frozen ground and snow cover gave me opportunity to review my finds from my final month of digging in 2020, and only now am I taking the time to writeContinue reading “Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, November 2020”

Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, October 2020

Is it snowing where you are? October has come and gone, and we’ve got a few inches on the ground up here in northern Wisconsin, and sometimes I feel like the metal-detecting season is coming to a close too. It’s a sad feeling. Sometimes I dream about digging up a coin spill, and I don’tContinue reading “Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, October 2020”

Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, September 2020

The end of September marked my third full month of detecting the Midwest. Normally I live in southern China, a place you’d think is just brimming with relics, but is really a horrible place to swing. Something called “the Cultural Revolution” (where they destroyed many of their wonderful relics and melted all their metal downContinue reading “Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, September 2020”

Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, August 2020

As the canopy above turns a golden orange and the leaves start falling, I envision a end of the metal-detecting season closing in. For that reason, I’ve started analyzing some of my favorite finds from the summer. I’ve already posted my Notable Finds from June and July 2020, so brace yourselves now for August. COINSContinue reading “Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, August 2020”

Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, June and July 2020

As I mentioned in another post, I got my Garrett Ace 400 from a pawn shop for Father’s Day, and it’s been a constant hobby for me ever since. I’ve posted a few shots of my favorite finds on Instagram, but I’d like to display some of my better finds from this summer here. COINSContinue reading “Metal Detecting Hobby: Notable Finds, June and July 2020”

Fossil Hunting Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

Now here’s a hobby that was completely foreign to me for most of my life. Sure, I grew up in Wisconsin where the Laurentide Ice Sheet has been messing things up for millennia. But I never knew about it until I came across whole fossil formations in and then purposefully sought to learn more. FewContinue reading “Fossil Hunting Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

Metal Detecting Hobby: First Time in Illinois

My family left all our belongings in China when we evacuated for the States at the end of January, and that includes not only my brand new drone, but also our metal detectors. And I’ve been lamenting that fact for months. My wife picked up on my laments and bought me the Garret ACE 400Continue reading “Metal Detecting Hobby: First Time in Illinois”

Genealogy Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

As I’ve written elsewhere, I hadn’t intentionally pursued any hobbies until I turned 35. When that dam sprang a leak, however, the torrents flowed. Each of my three-decade-long curiosities quickly turned into a passion, though some of those passions were short-lived. Stone-polishing by hand with ever-increasing grades of sandpaper, for example—yeah, that one lasted aboutContinue reading “Genealogy Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

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