Elliot Templeton: The Little Man

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Who in the World Is Elliot?

Elliot Templeton is kind of a real person. I say “kind of” because he’s actually a Star Wars action figure I found deep in the bowels of my mom’s piano one day in 2008 whilst getting it tuned—a lost relic from my childhood who I’m sure slipped past the piano chords while fleeing Darth Vader through the swamps of Dagobah.

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LEGO Hobby: A Swimming Story

It’s summertime, and it’s hot. We haven’t dipped our toes into a swimming pool, lake, or ocean since January (snorkeling in the tropics). It’s been too long. Thankfully, I can swim vicariously through my Lego selfie. Of course….his adventures are a little more frightening than I’ve ever experienced! ©2020 E.T.

Fossil Hunting Hobby: A LEGO Story

I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to illustrating all of my hobbies in LEGO, but it sure gives us something to do on a rainy day! Truth be told, I’ve never found a fish in Utah, but I’ve seen some of the videos where people have. Absolutely fascinating. ©2020 E.T.

Genealogy Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

As I’ve written elsewhere, I hadn’t intentionally pursued any hobbies until I turned 35. When that dam sprang a leak, however, the torrents flowed. Each of my three-decade-long curiosities quickly turned into a passion, though some of those passions were short-lived. Stone-polishing by hand with ever-increasing grades of sandpaper, for example—yeah, that one lasted aboutContinue reading “Genealogy Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

Journaling Hobby: Daily Journal Styles to Try

As mentioned in Elliot’s Introduction, I have been journaling daily since college, though I experimented long before that. Over the years, I’ve tried many different styles of journaling, and in this post I’ll take you through some of my favorites. The Necessities: Date and Location. No matter the style, I thinks it’s important to alwaysContinue reading “Journaling Hobby: Daily Journal Styles to Try”

Journaling Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction

Journaling Since Childhood I have been a lifelong journal-junkie. I can blame my awesome mother who assigned me writing assignments from the minute I began homeschooling in second grade, but I’d rather blame the typewriter I found in someone’s garbage in first grade. Hmmm. Dumpster-diving. Perhaps I did have some great hobbies growing up! SoContinue reading “Journaling Hobby: Elliot’s Introduction”

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